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Workload 2020-21

UCLan UCU sent out our 2019 workload advice containing UCLan intranet weblinks to the relevant university documents. Without informing UCU, Management broke the weblinks and rendered the documents unfindable. We are therefore supplying links to the documents here. Note that not all the university documents are worth reading, so read the updated UCU workload advice 2021 first; the university document “WLM Expectations agreed UCU” is crucial, “Academic Workload Considerations 2019 Final” is useful, and “WLM 2019 final” adds nothing useful and is not worth reading.

In 2019-2020 it has remained the case that some schools have been disregarding university workload policy. If your school or your appraisal is not following university workload policy, and above all the principle that there must be a faithful match between workload plan and workload actuality, contact UCU for support. UCU advice is to draft your own workload plan, making sure it is not above maximum hours, that it includes all duties you expect to undertake and that the hours allocated to duties reflect actuality.  In particular the duties must include 175 hours (pro rata) of SMRSA (Self Managed Research & Scholarly Activity). If members of an academic team are able to coordinate workload plans, checking that all duties are taken account of, that is even better. As soon as possible, send the proposed workload plan to the appraiser, who may need to negotiate changes to it with you. If anything proves contentious in this process, contact UCU for support.



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